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Hello there, my name is Jessica Winfield and I am a Navy Wife, mother, sister, daughter, niece, friend, coffee enthusiast tea drinker, wanna-be crafty mom who is just looking for a way to keep up with our friends and family throughout our Navy journey.

I have been married 8 years to my sweet husband, Arthur Winfield. He serves in the U.S. Navy and we have been stationed at NAS JAX, Dallas and currently PAX. He is the hardest working man, I owe it to him for allowing me the position I am in to be able to be home with our son and to finish my degree at Columbia College (next month, woo hoo).


We have a silly, crazy, sweet 8 year old boy named Kingston who keeps me on my toes. He is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me (aside from my husband) being a mother changes you in a way that is incredibly hard to describe. He has taught me everything I know about legos, dinosaurs and minecraft but mostly how to love unconditionally.

Our cuddly “pup” Ollie has been through it all with me, before our big move to Texas, before Kingston and before our marriage. He is a super healthy 11 years old according to the vet. He faithfully sat with me during the creation of this blog.


I am new to blogging but have always wanted to start one. We have friends and family from all four corners of the U.S. and some overseas and sometimes it’s really  hard to not feel homesick but where is home really when you are in the military? As long as I can stay connected to my family, I feel right at home.

Contact Info

Email: Jessicamaeve3@gmail.com



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