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Can you believe it, it’s FEBRUARY!! A month long of pink hearts and chocolates… I’ve been a chocolate monster lately. Fun little story, I bought a bag of Dove dark chocolate hearts at Target and they didn’t make it home with me… I’m not sure how this happened but I looked everywhere and was left with nothing but tears. Tears over chocolate, yup real tears. Has that shit ever happened to you? Don’t you hate that?

So my last blog post was a little heavy but I really wanted to get it out there and share what we had been going through. That being said I wanted to make my next blog post light hearted and talk about all the fun things I am totally into right now.

First since I’ve made it public on our social media sites I just to document on my blog… were expecting a little bundle in August. I am totally lovin this sweet little babe right now. Tomorrow will be 12 weeks (12 week update post later) but here is last week’s update. I also realize after taking it that white shirt and white background really make for a horrible bump pic… ((also my 8 year old took this picture with an iPhone, real deluxe around here)). Anyway we are so very excited! Lots of updates to come with better bump pics 🙂


We’ve been battling some major yuckies around the house lately. K had a 103 fever Saturday night and rolled into all Sunday but bounced back super quick Monday. A and I are left feeling super yucky, no fevers but stuffy noses and really sore. (Note to self: lysol a little better next time…) So our diet has been soups, popsicles and gatorade frost (there is no better). Tomato soup is my favorite with cheddar gold fish, I could probably eat it every single day, sick or not. K and A are lovin ramen… same, sick or not. Last night I made a crockpot white chicken chili in effort to add a little protein and spice to our diet. We topped it with vermont white cheddar and jalapeños and it hit the spot. Why didn’t I take a pic…. now it’s like it didn’t even happen. *eye roll emoji* Ok, swear I’ll be a better blogger next time.

On to our favorite part of the diet lately… popsicles, in effort to follow our dye free diet I found Outshine fruit bars are sugar and dye free! WOO HOO! The best part is, they are delicious, totally lovin them. Except K and I battle over who gets grape, which I have to say they are all good but grape is the favorite.


So out of my kitchen and into my shower, I am lovin some things lately. I am a sucker for all shower, makeup, lotion products. Send me your favorites please!! My sweet mama sent me the Wal-Mart Beauty Box  that sends you all kinds of samples and coupons each month. She really knows the way to my heart! Thanks Mom ❤ I got some great things that I am totally obsessed with last month. One of them is the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Yogurt Vanilla & Oats. My 8 YO who suffers from eczema loves this too mostly for the smell but I can tell a difference on the tops of his legs and backs of his arms. I will be scooping up another pot of this goodness.450

Also, my daily shower stuff…


Head & Shoulders 2in1 Instant fresh – Ok this makes me feel old but the scent is super hip… cucumber mint and it does feel nice on my hair so I’ll continue to use it in hopes it gets rid of my flakes. EK! Any prego mamas have super dry scalp? I can’t figure out if it’s the water in our new house or a pregnancy side effect. Either way, I am rocking H&S these days. *Sadly there are probably lots of sulfates in this shampoo so I need a safer alternative, suggestions? Help!

OGX Coconut Water Conditioner – This is my favorite smell, brings me back to the beach. It’s so moisturizing and leaves my hair really silky without feeling weighed down with oils. I like that there isn’t any sulfates in their shampoos also!

EOS Shave Cream in Pomegranate Raspberry – I love, LOVE this shave cream, so much that it’s actually an empty bottle that I left to remind myself to buy more… going on 3 weeks now and I still haven’t oops. Here is another sulfate free product that I am totally lovin!! The smell is like 10/10, and it’s super moisturizing on my super dry skin. I have to shave pretty much everyday because my leg hair grows so fast so this has been really nice on my skin. Target sometimes has them buy one get one 1/2 off which is nice because they do cost more than traditional shave cream but they do last longer than most though so there’s a plus!

Curel Hydratherapy Wet Skin Moisturizer – This was in my beauty box last month and I am hooked. I love all Curel’s products since like I said my son has eczema and this company has been given the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance. I usually use the pot of cream on the reg but this has been a nice time saving switch. This one is a win!


Shower cap – Please tell me I am not the only person who still wears these? Sometimes you just gotta rinse off and don’t have time for a full wash and blow out, right ladies? Another fun story, I used to wash my hair every single d a y  but I noticed it was getting so thin. So thin I looked into Rogaine creams, ek!  Of course straightening irons weren’t helping but that was all the craze around 2003-ish till just a couple years ago. After I had my son I quit washing my hair so much mostly because I had no idea what day it even was. Raising a baby is crazy, life escapes you pretty quickly and before you even know it it’s been like two whole days and you haven’t brushed your hair once. Whatevs. I am so glad that happened because my hair has gotten pretty thick since them. All them dirty hair oils got my hair feelin full… lovin it!

Bluetooth shower radio – What?! I’ve been living under a rock. Santa hooked it up this year and gave us a sweet speaker so we can sing along to our fave tunes in the shower. K listens to the Guardians of the Galaxy station on Pandora and I usually have Alt J or Coffeeshop (great stations, love for mornings).

Callus remover – I mean, gotta have soft feet.

Dry brush – This has been a new addition to my shower routine. I jump in and before I turn on the water I brush my legs and back of arms all towards my heart. I read it has tons of health benefits but so far all I can see are physical ones, less chicken skin on the backs of my arms (that’s a real thing folks) and an easier shave with softer legs.

That’s pretty much it, all things I am lovin popsicles, products and hot showers. What’s your favorites? I would love to hear!

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