world’s longest blog post


Disclaimer: This is going to be a long one… buckle up! 1K+ words!! 

We took my Prather girls (mom & sister) to Prather Park in Highland Park, TX. If I can compare it to monopoly it would be like Park Place and Boardwalk. This area is insane, marble mansions with lion statues and fountains under outside chandeliers. Just insane. Maybe we are related to this Prather guy? Note to self: research! 

They had these creepy statues all over the park, like these Harry Potter Dobby looking creatures. Maybe the park is trying to tell me something… Note: seriously search google, I need know more about these crazy Prathers. I feel like this could explain my family craziness… or at least my mysterious dance moves.

prather park 4

prather park2 prather park3

& this beautiful flower

prather park 5

prather park 6

Here’s we are, Prather girls with the three dancing pixies. But seriously, it was too hot for anything this day, I think the Passat said 106 when we got back in. Ew.


OK so it’s the weekend & I am doing my chores and …


Can I just get on my soap box for a minute (you like that?) I love me some Gain laundry pods but what really grinds my gears is when they all stick together! What is this shit?! Then you break them up and they all pop open. And thennnn you have a mess on your hands. Anyone else have this issue? Is there a “pintrest hack” to deal with this? Cause I need it here in my life! Do share! **Yes I know our washing machine is ancient, we need to get on board with a front loader for real.


So I have been cooking -*gasp* I know. When I do cook I have to make a big deal about it…

I made the Downeast Pumpkin Bread (actually muffin style) from Pintrest. I couldn’t find my old recipe, probably because it’s been so long since I’ve made them. Anyway, they turned out great the only thing missing that I usually use was All-Spice so I just threw in 1/2 tsp. Here is the link to the pin – Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread. I actually ate so much that I had to text my dear friend and ask her to cut me off when I start turning orange. Pumpkin rehab.

beaters muffins


I made One Pot Cheesy Turkey Taco Chili Mac! This bad boy is only 8 weight watcher points. Yall know that Winfield’s aren’t on any type of diet but it’s good to know 😉 So I ate like three bowls = 24 pts for dinner sounds more my speed.

taco mac


Flashback to Labor Day weekend, we got a date night squeezed in while my mom & sister were in town. It wasn’t how it was planned to work out but it was really nice && we were really thankful they hung out with Kingy. Shoutout to Mom & Kels, Love you guys!

We clean up well I suppose 😉

date night

We ate at this reeeeallllyyyy good place called Ramen Hakta, our friend’s suggested who joined us on a double date 🙂 They both lived in Japan for sometime in the Navy so they are the professionals when it comes to Japanese food suggestions. (Shoutout: Rocky & TJ ya’ll Rock!) This place was BOMB-diggity, no doubt. I am still thinking about that Hakata Ramen bowl. If you go, get the Chouhi (sp*) Lychee drink, you wont regret.


Then we headed to Pete’s Piano bar for some debauchery.  I can’t even explain what happens here, it’s an experience. The type that you probably wont remember in the morning but you know you had a good time. **Unless you know you have to adult+parent in the morning then you have like two beers and watch all the wildness go down.



Yesterday was 9/11. I remember this day so many years ago. I think everyone remembers back to what they were doing the very moment they found out about these horrific events. I was in second period Spanish at Mascoutah High School. The world changed during that period. I remember we lived on base (Scott AFB) and it took hours for the bus to get on base which should have only been a 15 min ride. We didn’t know what was going to happen next and that was the scary part.

Today my husband serves in the U.S. Navy, yesterday was also my husband’s 11 year anniversary. He went to high school in Maryland and remembers that day too but he said he could see the smoke from the pentagon and remembers feeling the same way, what’s next?



Hubs had to the day off and we got a day date (man am I being spoiled with all these dates…) We had Italian and certainly ate like Italians, NOM!

Below: Game Faces – about to take down Bucca Di Beppo, one meatball at at time. JK I had soup TMJ issues.

day date


Currently my TMJ is on a whole different level of pain. My head has been throbbing and I cannot open my jaw more than 1/2 inch and I have been battling a headache since Thursday. I had a volunteer breakfast Friday morning to attend and I was still battling these TMJ issues. Do you  know how hard it is to pretend you can gracefully eat a piece of lemon bread with TMJ pain? Graceful didn’t happen.. I was basically pushing it between my clinched teeth then pieces were falling out everywhere, I am sure I looked like a crazy person. I finally gave up and threw the bread away, the small bites I did have were really good!

I have never had headaches so bad where I could be sick. AWFUL. SO. BAD. I made an appointment with a chiropractor tomorrow to hopefully feel some relief. I’ve never been so I have no idea what to expect, but I heard they work wonders. & they  offer a sweet military discount since TriCare doesn’t cover chiropractic care. At this point, I will do just about anything to feel better. But enough complaining…


My son is an artist. Seriously his work blows me away. Let me brag for a minute on him :): Part of his home work assignment this week was to read a book with a parent and draw a character and describe. We read – The Runaway Mummy (is it Oct Yet? Halloween stuff is EVERYWHERE) Here is the picture he drew –

kingy pic

**Of course, ravenous is  not his in vocabulary but copying off the book wasn’t off limits.

I had a lot to say, longest post yet! I need to not wait so long to post. But I hope you’ve enjoyed our updates 🙂


sign off


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