hello september

hello september


Hello there, September just walked into my life out of nowhere! Where did this summer even go? Don’t get me wrong, I am really ready for cooler weather but boy did it fly by. So you know what that means, pantry is already stocked with pumpkin puree. Pumpkin french toast, pumpkin coffee creamer and I make a mean (copycat Starbucks) pumpkin bread, not to too my own horn or anything but… toot toot. & I’ve been told so 😉

update on first grade: Art is K’s fave subject, of course and hating gym – makes his legs too tired (insert sarcasm). Still hoping the clouds will part and the sun  and rainbows will appear and he decides that he loves first grade, or is at least giving it a chance. Still looking partly cloudy…

At least K is getting better about walking to school. No allergy issues, so far. We brought Ollie one morning and it took a good 45 min longer to walk the one mile round trip thanks to his excessive need to sniff/mark everything in sight. He doesn’t get out much (outside of his bed & the backyard), so I guess we can’t blame him.

In case  you weren’t sure, this is the official outfit of stay at home/ working from home mom. It’s like… did I just get done running… or did I just get of a Pretty Little Liar binge…? Who knows?



This semester is such a relief compared to last semester’s accounting, micro-economics and business management, oy. Still, my business ethics textbook is quite possibly the most blandly written book. I have made so many note cards in preparation for mid-terms (already, these are 8 week courses) that I feel like I have early onset arthritis. But seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!


On another note this week has been a shift in routine & I was forced to fend for myself last night. I actually made a pintrest meal; I know, this happens once in a blue moon that I actually cook and it was delicious!

I made some “garlicky & Cheesy Quinoa zucchini fritters”. I actually had most of the things on the recipe list, which almost never happens but praise The Lord I was able to whip up this batch of yumminess without having to make a quick run dreaded trip to Wal-Mart. It made more than I will probably eat before it reaches is day 2 expiration date. (I hate leftovers, but in the rare occasion I go ham…) I am not sure what the actual expiration date is on leftovers but if you go past 2 days, I feel like you’ve lost your freaking mind. Good luck! Don’t even get me started on milk expiration dates…


The only thing I had to sub out was the panko for bread crumbs but it was just fine. They were really easy to make especially for someone who doesn’t like to cook. I would make it again. Although it could use some sauce, the recipe called for yogurt? GROSS. Note to self: add the marinara.

dinner3 dinner4

Kingston opted for the easy mac & cheese and peaches.



Countdown to Friday, mom & Kels are flying in to Dallas for a little Labor Day action 🙂 🙂 🙂

Look what I found while cleaning out my office, ‘scute!



sign off


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  1. Oh my gosh! Your writing is so great! You have such amazing voice! I literally laughed! And not to invite myself over, but please invite me over for pumpkin bread! 😜

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