school update, nightlights & new fall-ish hair


So three days down and K isn’t amused with the whole first grade thing. He says he already can’t wait for second grade & his teacher is bossy.  The leap from kinder to first is so huge that I am sure he is just feeling some growing pains. Poor guy, hope this is just the summer blues missing all the free time and playing. iPad time has been really limited here and he’s feeling some major separation anxiety, oy! It’s going to get better, this is just the first week or I hope!

K has been super afraid of the dark lately so we added some fun nightlights in his room to help combat those night-time fears (these are additions to the bathroom light, two flashlights and a hall light... I can’t wait to see our electric bill this month… ) HA.


These were Christmas presents that finally made their way to the wall. They aren’t the brightest but they are super cute and fun. 

kingyrm kingyrm2



Tangerine Salon

Yesterday I felt the need to summon some fall weather some new fall-ish hair. I really needed something much more low maintenance than my full foil blonde head. My hairdresser Kim always does an amazing job at making me feel beautiful, I love her, I really do! Something about your hairstylist… it feels like therapy. I think that health insurance should pay for “therapy sessions”, people would be A LOT happier.  I really think I would love doing hair as a job (my sister and mom always ask me to play salon & I totally enjoy it!) but what I really am loving right now is just being the one in the chair and getting that super amazing scalp massage, oohhhh yeahh! She worked some magic (hand painted some level 6 Aveda demi on my roots) and voila!  I am digging the slight fall-ish transition!

here was my inspo


emoji hair


^looking super cool during my 30 min processing

my blonde had grown so much that my root line was just yuck; this smooth blend of color and blonde is so perfect for fall. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Can you tell how happy I am? 🙂

*Happy Wednesday*

winfield’s are celebrating hump day with a healthy, nutritious meal that I worked really hard on all day chicken wiiinnggggsss/ Wing Wednesday @ Pizza Hut

sign off



3 thoughts on “school update, nightlights & new fall-ish hair

  1. Loving the color! I hope K starts to enjoy school. I’m sure it’s quite an adjustment. He probably misses sleeping in until 10:30!


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