back to school


Last night was tough falling asleep, I think nerves for Kingston and I. Arthur had no problem falling asleep, figures. I think Kingston finally fell asleep at 9 after laying in bed for an hour. I was more like 1 am. zzzzzzzzz.. so tired.

This morning was really easy, easier than I thought it would go. K worked on his hair for the majority of the morning…



out of all his new school clothes he picked ole’ trusty, Minecraft Creeper T



first day lunch – for my super SUUUPPPEEERR picky eater, slow eater so I try not to pack too much because he wont eat it all… creeper sandwich [attempt], choc milk, mix berries and oreo

*not pictured his two snacks gogurt and tortilla chips* 


first day survey

first grade survey


morning 4

we walked to school, short .4 mile walk & K got an itch attack on his ankle… not an outdoorsy kinda guy… oy


morning 3

first day at his new desk & happy to start the day still upset over the itchy ankle… over it


In the days leading up till today, I thought I was really ready for Kingston to go back to school. Walking home with Arthur it really hit me that my little dude wont be hanging out all day, running errands, going to the pool, library trips and having lunch. I think every mom has this moment the first day of school… then it wears off right?! *sigh*

sign off


4 thoughts on “back to school

  1. Congrats on getting Kingy off to school – 1st grade is so official. I hope the sadness wears off but I highly doubt it.


  2. Mimi loves that big boy going off to school. Hope he doesn’t realize how long the road is that lies outside the door he just opened…lol….hugs and kisses!


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