meet the teach night

longhorn launch

School is just around the corner, ahhh the excitement! We’ve done the dreaded supply shopping (really with the supplies, must it be so difficult?! Black chisel tip ultra dry-erase 6 pack, the detail is seriously excruciating!) We’ve gotten new backpack and matching lunch box. School clothing/ shoe shopping is done (thanks to my mom and dad who seriously went ham on new clothes! You rock!!). Last check on the list is meet the teacher night or “Longhorn Launch”.

The only teacher that we had really heard anything about was Mrs. Scott, so naturally we were hoping to get her. Our neighbor kid had her and his parents raved about how awesome she was last year. To my surprise, Mrs. Scott sent us an email Wednesday night welcoming us to her class, YAY! Kingston has had the run around with crazy teachers so I really appreciate a GREAT teacher. (Years ago one chased me down the hall and in front of everyone tried to basically diagnose Kingston with a disability, not your place lady! The next day she asked me if i was pregnant…. really?) I feel like I need to say that I appreciate all teachers because I am SURE their jobs are extremely tough and dealing with that many children all day long has got to be taxing but there are ones that just rock your socks off and those deserve a gold star! 🙂

K was so excited to find out a few of his friends from kinder are now in his class year too! I think his bestie is in another class, darn; there’s always recess! He’s excited his little “crush” sits a couple desks over. His classroom is a major step up from his colorful, bright kinder class and he has a real desk rather than sharing a large table. In the gym K ran into some of the Club360 (the after school program he did last year) high school girls who helped run the program. He gave them all huge hugs and later told me he was in love and he has been keeping that secret from me all this time. Oh MY GOODNESS! Girl crazy already and with an older woman?! *Gasp*

We are all really excited about the new changes this year and can’t wait to see Kingston grow into his new role as a FIRST GRADER! The night was a success but we can totally wait for Monday, let’s kick off this weekend! HAPPY FRIDAY!

**I didn’t get any pics of the teacher, fail!

We found his locker & it’s so cute!


and of course we bought K a school spirit shirt from PTO.


We are proud to be Longhorns & keepin’ Wilmeth weird!

sign off


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