very first blog post


Here it is, the premier of ‘whats new with the winfield’s’! I have been wanting to start a blog for so long but wanted it to be perfect. I wanted it to look and read the best with the catchiest blog title and I was obsessing over themes, blog headlines, widgets, etc. I read multiple other blogs, I talked to fellow bloggers, I asked friends for advice, I surfed Pintrest many a late nights for tips and “hacks”. My OCD was really kicking in and I finally was like you know what, let’s just get this show on the road.

I couldn’t decide between blogger and WordPress and initially blogger won but I seriously could not figure it out. (I tried to make it work for months, mostly a few hours here and there but mostly when I had an assignment due and I felt the need to procrastinate or if laundry needed to be put away… I would decide NOW is my time to master blogger. The laundry was way easier to figure out.) So WordPress was next, and I really don’t even know why it’s a debate. WordPress is smooth and guides you step by step, dummy-proof. This would have kicked off months ago if I had just started with WordPress. It’s been great so far, but I will keep you posted along the way. Or better yet, you keep me posted; if this blog sucks I blame WordPress… should have just gone with blogger. HA.

So we are winding down here in August, classes have started for me at Columbia and Kingston takes on FIRST GRADE next Monday! Is that even real life? Time is so fleeting. I have really enjoyed being home with him this summer and have absolutely treasured the QT but… have you seen that orangutan doing the dance that has been blasted over social media? Sharing again, I am right there with you monkey!


We have so much going on in the Winfield house so stay tuned!

sign off


3 thoughts on “very first blog post

  1. i used blogger for both my blogs. i agree that it was difficult to use. maybe had I started with wordpress, it would have made it easier to continue


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